Monday, November 12, 2012

Storage Solutions - Lori Greiner Makeup Bag Set

This is just a quickie post to talk about some really great storage I've acquired for my kit. This Set of 2 Quilted Cosmetic Cases by Lori Greiner is awesomesauce. There is a large case and a small case, it comes in a bunch of patterns and if you're a normal person, this would probably be all you would ever need to store your makeup. They're spacious and super organized and I really like them.


The big one

The little one

I use the small one to hold tools, q-tips and disposable mascara wands. 

The side sections closes with velcro and the middle portion closes with a zipper and flips like a book page. It snaps into the case, so you could take it out if you wanted.

The larger case has a LOT of sections. It's kind of hard to explain how it all works but you'll see in the pictures how it folds out. You can fit a TON of stuff in these bags.

As you can see, there's another "page" that snaps into place, so there's another removable section.

This case also has a combo of zippers and velcro, and as you can see, it holds a TON of stuff. The majority of my kit (aside from foundation, blush and eyeshadow palettes and a few other doodads) fit in these two.


There's even a section for brushes (I don't actually use this section right now, my brushes usually stay in my brush belt, or in their containers on my vanity, but I wanted you to get the full effect.)

These are pretty easy to clean and I am really happy with how compact they are. These are great for travel or for regular storage, but I wouldn't say they're particularly useful as a makeup bag to throw in your purse. The small one wouldn't really serve you well and the large one is WAY too big. 

These go for $32 at QVC and I think they were definitely a worthwhile investment.

What are your favorite storage solutions?


  1. I saw thing bag on YouTube and was thinking of using it to house my freelance stuff as well. Have you tried washing it it the machine?

    1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I sort of let this blog fizzle out for a bit. I don't think I would recommend washing it in the machine, and everything is pretty easy to wipe down because it's sort of a vinyl and not fabric.